Founded in 2018 through the acquisition and complete renewal of an existing manufacturing concern, today ITA-ITILES is a modern Italian industrial ceramics producer specialising in high quality porcelain stoneware tiles.

A young, dynamic company, thanks to investments of over 50 million Euros in technological innovation and a business plan which includes further steps forward in technology, sales and marketing, ITA-ITILES currently produces 11 million m2/year of ceramic tiles at its new Fiorano Modenese factory, using modern Industry 4.0 plants supported by eco-friendly kilns heated by natural gas and equipped with the best heat recovery systems. The highly automated production process, controlled by leading-edge technologies, and the strong focus on research and development, create an outstanding product mix which offers the international market trend-setting design and sizes from 120×120 cm to 20×20 cm for innovative ceramic surfaces with genuine Made in Italy character. The many series in the catalogue include sizes, surface finishes and material effects that enable a wide range of architectural design solutions, combining all-Italian style and excellent technical properties. The business model is open to multiple commercial channels, including not only large-scale retailing in partnership with the sector’s top brands but also the conventional retail trade and international independent distribution, covering the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Far East and serving applications that embrace all the main product segments, from indoor and outdoor residential to commercial and industrial, with great emphasis on the technical and aesthetic contents of every collection produced.


The design, production and distribution of 100% Made in Italy ceramic surfaces.



Placing the strength of teamwork and technological innovation at the centre of every process, we work constantly to develop and produce our ceramic surfaces, with their strong Italian aesthetic connotations and high-profile technical contents, and distribute them on the international market, with a firm commitment to professional, social and environmental ethics.

Our values

We believe strongly in joint planning and meeting our commitments, both upstream and downstream of the industrial and sales cycle.
We keep our plants at the leading edge by constantly investing in the latest technologies available.
We focus constantly on maximising the efficiency of every process, to offer the market a product with a minimal environmental footprint and at a price affordable to all categories of clientele.
We tirelessly monitor trends in international design and in production technology, grasping their essence and transforming it into a wide assortment of ceramic surfaces always at the technical and stylistic state of the art.
A company is made up of people and its life is set in its surrounding environment: they must both be valued, supported, respected and safeguarded as essential for the life of the business itself, a principle of absolute importance for us.
Our great flexibility enables us always to respond fast and with the utmost precision to the market’s every demand, with specific products and services for every sales channel, from the traditional retail to large-scale retailing.

Crediamo fortemente nella pianificazione condivisa e nel rispetto degli impegni presi, siano essi a monte o a valle del ciclo industriale e commerciale.

Manteniamo sempre aggiornati i nostri impianti investendo costantemente nelle più moderne tecnologie disponibili.

Massimizzare l’efficienza di ogni processo è per noi un focus costante con l’obiettivo di rendere disponibile al mercato un prodotto dalla minima impronta ambientale e dal prezzo accessibile a tutte le fasce di clientela.

Monitoriamo instancabilmente le tendenze del design internazionale e della tecnica produttiva cogliendone l’essenza e trasformandola in un ampio assortimento di superfici ceramiche tecnicamente ed esteticamente sempre al passo con i tempi.

L’azienda è fatta di persone e vive nell’ambiente circostante, entrambi devono essere valorizzati, supportati, rispettati e salvaguardati quali fonti di vita dell’azienda stessa, questo è per noi un principio di importanza imprescindibile.

La nostra grande flessibilità ci consente di asservire sempre velocemente e con la massima precisione ogni esigenza del mercato con prodotti e servizi dedicati per ogni canale commerciale, dal retail alla grande distribuzione organizzata.